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Of course they do, and you can get away with it because of the time commitment. I don’t make less than seven seasons. I’m not saying I’m happy with my income, but you have to consider that a lot of people on shows are on salaries of about $50,000-$75,000 a year and they will take a risk that the audience is watching that much. Some days, I’m just happy with the fact that when I go back to work, I’m going to be making less than what I make when I was a kid. It’s good to make that kind of money because if you make more than $250,000 a year, you’re not going to have a bunch of friends over all the time anyway, and you’re spending that money on other things.

Can we expect more movies from you?

I would rather say no. I’m not doing movies. I’m not going to say yes to another TV show because then the company that produces the series would have to pay me to do another show, and even then I’d not know for sure. I would also have to think about what else I’d be allowed to do. I have four children in the States, where I have to do things that would put that money back in the bank — and it’d be nice to do it from overseas. But I don’t have that opportunity right now.

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From the first days we set foot into the world of “The Game,” as we saw them, it was obvious we were playing with something very special. The “Game” in question, after all, was so intense that many of us had to be kept at an arm’s distance to prevent breaking through the walls of fear we’d been thrown into, and it took the most experienced player, and perhaps the most seasoned of game players in the world, years to get the hang of “The Game.”

We were playing “Game of Thrones.”

In “The Game,” players take on roles in the vast world of The Wall, or rather, take over the minds of the most dedicated, most skillful, most dangerous, and most cunning people in the land.

Players take on roles as the main characters in their own stories. That is, they play the “leaders” in their own stories. In other words, they are the one story that’s told about the world — and not the other.

What we

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