Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker? – Introduction To Digital Techniques

Not really. In fact, many filmmakers are not even college graduates. Some students who do complete college degrees don’t go into the industry because they can’t make a living. It’s more of a passion or an obligation. These are the jobs where you get paid on a daily basis that’s often very good.

You often meet other non-pioneers, like Steve Jobs or David Zayas. What was the experience like working them out? You find some real, honest people and they’re all really nice and kind. Some of the directors I met, I’d talk to their family about it.

How difficult is it to find directors with experience? What are some of the differences between being an “old” director versus an “young” director? I don’t know if there’s an easy answer. My view is that you can’t go too old to reach out to the people. You just gotta be willing to learn as a filmmaker.

A lot of young directors like me were raised on reality shows and other forms of television. TV networks will tell you that, and that it’s really the only way people learn these kinds of things. You’re on a production, and then you go to lunch and you talk about things with people you’d like to work with, and you see some of these people. That’s good education, you learn how to craft your work, you understand them. And you’re still an outsider.

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How hard do you feel to learn the ropes as an indie filmmaker?

It’s really hard. You can’t be an idiot and go to a shooting convention and go, “Let me show you how to shoot this thing.” You can’t do that. You’re an outsider. It’s so different than Hollywood. We’re doing it right now, and I would imagine the process there will be way more involved and much more intensive.

How did you settle on some of these directors from the start? Were they some of your ideas or ideas of you?

I’m not really an academic person, but I’m like: “Let’s just do this thing that’s easy to make, and show there’s good opportunities ahead.” I don’t really have much background in film, but I’ve met so many people and learned so much about the craft through it. I really found a lot of my inspiration in the indie movement. You might not know it, but there’s a whole world to come out of doing an indie film, because there

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