Do you need math to be a filmmaker? – Quentin Tarantino Quotes About Filmmaking Tips And Tricks

Do you really need it?

Mitch: No! I don’t need any math. As long as you don’t take it too seriously. That’s what a film is. You’re trying to create a visual experience, and not doing math.

What was that experience like working on the set of The Last Witch Hunter? Was that an odd experience or was that a new experience for you?

Mitch: It was different, it was interesting; it was unique because what we got from that was another world that we had never really worked in before. We were shooting on the moon. It was completely alien territory. It was almost like a whole other culture. We had a lot of different actors, and it was hard to explain what we were trying to do and how we wanted it to feel. I would say that we tried our hardest to learn as much as we could about film making and film making.

The Last Witch Hunter opened in Australia before going on to become the highest grossing independent film of all time [and beating the previous record holder, Super Size Me.] Was that something that’s kind of inspired you with the sequel? Are you interested in doing a film outside of Australia, maybe in North America somewhere?

Mitch: Well, I’m interested in doing anything, I mean anything. That’s why I have this website; I want to work anywhere. I’m not here just now to talk about this movie. I love this movie. I’m incredibly grateful to be in this position, being from the States, and I’m excited to talk about it in other ways. When we did the first one, my first thought about it was that it was a great script. It was about witches, and I didn’t really know how to make a good film. So I just put myself out there, took all the ideas I had, and tried to figure out the best way to go. I was really lucky to have this incredible team, who were the best creative minds I’ve ever known, and I just had to trust that they would make the best product. We tried to do the right thing, we were lucky we had all the right people to help us. We really put our hearts on the line so many times, so I think it’s gonna work out for the best.

Have you had a chance to see the film in a theater?

Mitch: We are gonna see it in a theater!

Yeah! It’s a real thrill

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