How do I become a filmmaker without film school? – Free Documentary Books To Read Online

That would be pretty tough. When I was a child, I’d ask my Dad to watch ‘Kindergarten Cop’ so that I could see what it’s really like to be a cop. I didn’t think of myself as a filmmaker, I thought I was a reporter. And they’d be like, ‘Well, what is that?’

Then I started to become a filmmaker myself, so I started to find out more, and I figured it all out. But I never took the classes to see if I could direct. In fact, my Dad said, ‘Why waste your own money doing that?’ So I took it to my first independent film festival.

I did it without films school. I did it to learn what I needed to know. I was in my mid-20s and I had already done some documentary work and was already learning how to structure a story.

When I started to get a little bit more in-depth, I learned some things from other filmmakers that didn’t really exist before, like how you can make things more interesting so things look more dramatic. People have been making films for so long it just seems, and in these new platforms like Netflix and Amazon and Snapchat, it just seems like more interesting storytelling is available.

Do you consider yourself an independent filmmaker?

I’m an independent filmmaker.

Is a filmmaker a writer, an artist, a journalist?

It’s like a lot of our professions. The writer in America, for example, we’re all journalists, we’re all filmmakers. These days we’re doing things more with media, more with a web, so I say a filmmaker is all of those things.

It’s a lot of different parts and I didn’t feel like what I was doing was that different than any other filmmaker that I’d seen in the world. So, I think you go into it trying to do something more interesting, because there are so many different kinds of work but you don’t know what you’ll do and what it’s going to be like.

You got to try these other things and they were great.

I don’t think I was particularly interested [in doing documentary films] as a kid.

Have you seen the director Paul Verhoeven?

I’ve seen a couple of his movies and he’s really good.

And what was it like working on ‘Verhoeven’s Name’?

It was fun. You know,

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