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I’ve wanted to be one for a long time. This is an interview of some of the very best actors in the business talking, the people who are responsible for writing the scripts of ‘Argo,’ ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ ‘Lincoln,’ ‘Intolerable Cruelty,’ ‘American Beauty,’ and others like it, who can give me some of their secrets, and the scripts that I’ve never gotten the chance to read.”

1. Do you know how to be a writer, or do you write on your own?

2. Do you know how to edit?

3. Do you write your own scripts?

4. Do you know what an editor is?

5. How do you get out of a bad writing session that doesn’t work?

Part II

1. Tell me about your most memorable, or embarrassing, experience in the entertainment industry.

2. How many times have you written your own screenplay?

3. Do you like reading scripts in which you’re part of the writing process?

4. Do you have an opinion on what a successful screenwriter is actually like, or do you think that’s unrealistic?

5. How do you feel about the process of casting.

6. When did you last take a script idea, and make it into a movie?

7. Tell me about a major casting decision that you’ve made.

8. Tell me about a script you’re so good at that other writers and producers have stopped trying to work with you.

9. What type of writer do you consider yourself?

10. How long do you think you’ll survive as an actor?

11. Has anything changed about how your movies have been financed lately?

Part III

1. Why have you always had trouble finding good writing?

2. Why do you feel your writing is unproduced and unreferenced?

3. Has there ever been any talk when you were younger about writing your own script?

4. How do you get out of a bad writing session?

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5. Why do you think you’re so lucky to get to make movies?

6. Where do you think most film writers get their ideas?

7. What are your thoughts about the film industry, and what are your thoughts about the way it’s currently being run?

8. What are the biggest mistakes that writers make

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