How do I become a script writer? – Quotes About Filmmaking

Script writing is the act of developing an adaptation of a story of a popular comic book series into a feature film. Script writers generally work for Hollywood studios or other production companies that make films and television. Script writers often do other production-related work as well. Some authors have gone onto to write books or make other television, motion picture and other media adaptations of comic books.

When was this?

Scripts for comic books began in the 1940s or 1950s when creators like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Brian Azzarello and Ed Brubaker started work on projects which they hoped would bring about a successful comic book adaptation. The first successful project was The Watchmen, published in 1984 by DC Comics. The book was the first adaptation of the classic New York noir story The Dark Knight Returns.

Why did Marvel Studios go this route?

Marvel Studios has a strong relationship with DC Comics as a film studio and they decided to go this route to provide for a variety of projects. When the film rights to The Dark Knight Returns had lapsed, Fox bought the rights to the series and started production. The studio quickly created various versions of the series with varying lengths of story, such as The Dark Knight Strikes Again and A Dark Knight Returns Special.

What was Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige like as a comic book writer?

Feige has been closely involved with Marvel’s script development efforts ever since the introduction of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely as co-creators of the team of artists. His experience in adapting various Marvel Comics properties, such as X-Men and Spider-Man, shows in writing each movie in the series, and his experience writing films, such as Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The First Avenger with Marvel Studios, also shows in the comic book material he’s written.

What happens if a project isn’t successful, and what could go wrong?

The Marvel version of the book comes with a number of limitations. The biggest limitation is that, at the time, the comic’s creator, Alan Moore, hadn’t yet begun the work of adapting the story for the screen – he’d written The Killing Joke several years prior and published it in 1984. Moore had never written a comic book script in his life, and it would have been nearly impossible for him to adapt and pen a movie screenplay. The problem is that the project was written before Moore began making films, as he’d never been given permission to do so.

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