How do I get a job in movies? – 3 Stages Of Filmmaking

Movies are a major entertainment industry in the United States, and there are hundreds of thousands of people working in entertainment. In order to get a job, you first have to find a production company interested in having you work in Hollywood.

What does the future hold for people like me?

For me, the future is now. In 2014, the entertainment media industry is expected to generate over $11 billion USD in revenue — a figure that will jump to $16 billion USD by 2023. That makes it the 9th largest entertainment industry in the world. The growth rate for entertainment is expected to continue through 2021, reaching an average annual rate of approximately 29 percent. By 2018, the projected revenue for entertainment is expected to top $40 billion USD, making it the 15th largest entertainment industry in the world. The entertainment industry currently encompasses more people and industries than anyone could imagine.

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What Does the Future Hold For Me?

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