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How does one make an hour of TV?

How to get your kid into an acting class.

How often was your mother’s voice heard in your head?

Have your dreams of acting in something real come true?

Your love for your father, your dreams of success, your hatred for yourself…all these are questions that people ask themselves everyday. They don’t ask them on the show…but they’ll think to themselves if they ever get this question, “Did I really ask that question?”

What did you learn from your own experience that you want to share with you?

Can you picture me on the set of a movie or TV?

What could you do if you really want to make a career out of it?

And last but not least… “How to be an actor”.

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Forget the “We can’t stop them, they’re just getting better” narrative. The Syrian insurgents are getting better.

At times it feels like an exercise in semantics. The United States has been bombing rebel forces in Syria for six years — and the attacks seem to be doing more harm than good for the fight against ISIL, even as the Pentagon has admitted that the Syrian army is outmatched.

But now the Syrian opposition is showing what, in theory, is the perfect outcome of the U.S. policy of toppling Assad, the group that Washington’s backers on the Arab street say has enabled ISIL.

On a recent Friday afternoon, I came across more than a dozen rebel fighters wearing tactical gear, brandishing machine guns and, in one case, a sniper rifle. There was also an ISIS affiliate in the region — the Nusra Front, for what’s left of them. The militants were still engaged in urban combat with the Syrian army — an increasingly common battle in parts of the country.

The fighters were fighting their old enemy, they said, “the regime” — now in the process of being destroyed by a coalition of Western and regional states, including the U.S. Their aim: to free the Syrian city of Manbij, a city that’s been controlled by IS militants for three years.

And at that point, what I wanted to know was, “where to go next?”

In Syria, all signs of civil war have passed. The most prominent new battlefield is the one between the Syrian army and the rebels. But this battlefield is not one of conflict, but of cooperation — or of

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