How do I get film clients? – Filmmaking Grants Canada

We have a range of clients on our website and are happy to help you find exactly what you need to create an effective cinematic video. Our films are often used for advertising and marketing and are not strictly a documentary or music video.

Our films are directed by professional filmmakers, sound recorded by highly skilled professionals and edited by professional editors. As we have many years of experience we provide a professional, high quality service that will help you produce quality work that is both unique, entertaining and unique, and is able to tell your story to an audience you wish to reach.

How long before I receive payment?

Payment is due within 3 working days, in the order received.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

The easiest method of payment is to use an Internet payment processing service, such as the PayPal website. For further information please refer to our FAQ’s.

Where my money goes?

All funds will be credited to your PayPal account once it has been fully processed and confirmed into your bank / credit card account.

When will my film be shot?

Depending on the project we may need to shoot for longer timeframes (we are often offered our clients a very unique cinematic production in the first few days). You should receive your payment on a timely basis.

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How will my film be reviewed by the public?

Once you have paid your deposit, and your film has been approved, it will be screened and considered by a panel of individuals. This includes people from film festivals and critics across all other media, who have the responsibility of making the final decision. This group is not subject to any external reviews and can only provide feedback on your film. We feel it is important to demonstrate your talent and your ability to produce a film whilst retaining a very high level of production value. We can’t guarantee that every film will receive the same review, and that does not mean that the final review will be a negative one. It is solely up to you as to whether you approve to the publication of your credit and that has no impact on the future of your film.

How will the film be used?

Once the film has been completed you must submit the final project file to the festival and/or press for approval and final approval of the project (unless we have already done the final editing).

Will the film be made?

There is no guarantee of a release date at this stage, but every decision must be made with the highest

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