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This is a great time to be an image editor. With the right gear and a team of professionals behind you, you’ll be able to make some of the best work of your life. You should be at least a good student by now and the right tools and software to learn from can be obtained very cheaply thanks to Craigslist advertisements. You’ll also find that a lot of people are really interested in digital and can show your work to potential clients. In this scenario you can expect to make about $80-$100/hour depending on how good your images are and your skills.

However, you’ll also find that there are people who will pay in order to work with you. These are people that you might have worked with before on other projects, and you’re the one who will be bringing along your images for them to use. Some of these people will be really good at what they do and will get paid what they are worth on the basis of past work, while others will not.

How much is a job like this?

This depends on a lot of things but essentially you will get paid in advance for taking pictures. It’s worth noting that these days you can go a day or two without any pictures in your portfolio. It depends on your skills, but the typical range of $50 – $150/hour is probably a good range.

To find an editor for your next project, you want to look to get a project with an editor who will take good pictures but then you also want somebody who can work with you and learn from you and the best thing to do is find a photographer. There are plenty of photo shops where you can find professional photographers who also have experience editing movies or taking pictures – you don’t want to work in a shop full of amateurs!

Getting The Job Done

Once you got your project, it’s time to put together a project and send it to an editor who’ll be the photographer’s agent. This involves several steps:

Getting The Project

It’s very important that you have your image edited before you send it off to an editor. There is no point wasting time on pictures when you can’t sell your image.

You will often find that you send an image in and immediately the client wants more – they will send their friend an edited version of what they want. The only thing you need to do here is go to an image source and pay for what you want.

Get It Edited


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