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If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, you’ll need to get creative on how to market yourself. The good news is that you’ll be able to find many other filmmakers like you to connect with. I hope this guide can be of some help.

If you’d like more information about marketing yourself as a filmmaker, please visit the following websites:

– The Indie Film School

– The Indie Film Guide

– Filmmaking in Action

– Writing and Directing

– Writing and Directing Tutorials

An online fundraiser has raised at least $3,000 to settle a lawsuit against New York police officers over the death of an unarmed black man, the lawyer in charge said Tuesday.

“It’s a good day,” said David A. Kaplan, one of three attorneys who represented the family of Eric Garner before a New York City law department hearing.

“This was no publicity stunt or stunt that was created to embarrass the city of New York or the police officers. This was the result of a wrongful homicide in which the police officers in this case had a duty to use deadly force in order to save Mr. Garner’s life.”

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Gettler’s lawyer, Michael Malin, had said that a police officer had been responsible “for the death of a poor, unarmed man.”

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In response to the complaint last month, a law department spokesman said it could accept a lawsuit in the Garner case, but said all complaints would be investigated.

The grand jury’s decision not to charge the officer was criticized locally, and the issue has resurfaced in other high-profile cases.

“You might think that in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, most people agree that there are some things we all can agree on — that if you had two choices — and you would prefer to have one of those two things, you’d rather have a firearm than not — the one that’s most lethal to you, you might think is the less efficient of the two. But according to the latest U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, that’s not the case: You don’t tend to choose the semi-automatic weapon that shoots the most bullets at a faster rate.

A full-automatic gun shoots the most bullets in about nine seconds. A .45 cal pistol fires the most shots in about eight seconds. And a pump-

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