How do I start a filmmaking career? – Best Prosumer Video Cameras For Filmmaking Quotes

You know how it goes… When you’re an indie filmmaker, you’ll start to think “What’s going to work?” and people will think about what’s on the film festival circuit; they may say “Oh, that’s my film”, and they’re very disappointed. You may think “What if you went to an indie film festival? You’d never go!” But, if you have a taste for movies, you’re going to find indie films. And you will find movies that you like. The more you watch movies like, The Tree of Life is amazing, and The Wolf of Wall Street is great, you’ll find new movies I want to watch. And you find a movie that is, say, a little different, and if you think about it, you see, well, he’s making something really different, which is something that I wanted to do. We’re going to see other things that are kind of experimental… The new generation of filmmakers that I’ve been a part of, those are people that are not afraid to make things that are strange because they want to try something new. [In the beginning of the documentary] he says “We’re not going to just be doing this”.

You could make it if you’re passionate about it? Yes. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take a lot of work. You can only have passion for something so long. And it’s going to take a lot of experience until you find that passion again. It’s the time and the money I’m saving with a film festival, I’m saving with a budget, I’m saving with location. I can work for months. And that’s something I’m spending time doing.

How do you get noticed by industry people?

I think it’s really hard… The first two years of filmmaking is really easy. Even the indie filmmakers out there, that are looking to make the move into the industry, don’t have to do anything, they can just send in whatever film they have and pitch it and I’ll see what I can do. And then when they’re making an official film, you know, if a film gets financed, people usually get it before I’ve seen it. That’s why it’s hard.

What advice do you have for other filmmakers who’re starting out?

It’s so hard. Especially in the beginning. I’ve been doing so much work, I’m really not enjoying it. And I think people should take advantage of the

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