How do I start directing? – Masters In Documentary Filmmaking Styles 2020

There are a few different ways to start directing. You can read on. But the main thing is that you get started. And you want this experience to pay off for you down the road, you want to get this thing you have to start with and that you always want to do. Maybe you don’t end up making much money, maybe you take an agent. You do whatever works for you to get started.

If you’re into music and just want to learn how to get the most out of your time, maybe you read some other blog. I’m very familiar with a few guys that made a bunch of money doing nothing in the past, and they made a ton of money doing nothing. So learn what you can and do what you think you want to do. Then come back and you can start to see how much you made.

How do you get out of debt?

Just stay focused on your passion.

[Note: the above is meant to be a general guide that can be used for people at any stage in their career]

This article originally appeared on the New Era Podcast


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I’m not a fan of the term “post-truth,” but there it is folks. It’s not a new term either. It’s a fact that the president of the United States says one thing and does another. For the record, I believe the term is misused. If you want the truth, just check out the media coverage of President George Zimmerman on race relations. As the New York Times reported back in August,

The president had made his views about racial profiling clear, saying on television that Mr. Holder would be to blame, but not Mr. Zimmerman. The media response did little to shake the president’s conviction that “the African-American community is really being treated unfairly.” But some people who know Mr. Obama said they believed his anger was grounded in genuine frustration.

The president and his supporters would no doubt argue that this issue, and not racial profiling, is what is driving the outrage among his base. The difference is that most mainstream Republicans, including Jeb Bush, say the same thing.

The truth is, the media coverage has been remarkably mild. Of course, the facts are as follows:

A couple weeks ago, CNN went to Atlanta and interviewed the president. This was the first time the president had traveled to the city.

In that CNN interview, he said it wasn’t a problem that a black

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