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The best way is if you are already a fan of our work. When you are asked, you need to ask for a pitch. We love that when we’re directing and do our own stories it helps to ask. If you have ever made a pitch for a film, you should understand these are not really pitches, they are meetings. We talk about the story for the first fifteen minutes. Don’t worry if a director is uncomfortable in the first ten, it’s a good sign!

The best way to show your support is to sign our petitions and show what we’re trying to do with our film. The more people we can get to sign the larger our chance at being accepted by festivals, to be seen in theaters, etc. So if you want to see #FreeTheNipple at a movie in the near future, write the movie, and be a part of changing the mind of our leaders.

You’re a college student? The University of Chicago has been trying to recruit you for five years now to be an instructor.

You’ve never had the experience of seeing an actual classroom? Then your university is in for a problem.

The College Board, which administers the SAT and ACT, just released its latest batch of new SAT scores, and it’s no surprise to anyone who’s read what is still being widely accepted wisdom that the test takes away from more important matters than how good your writing is.

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For example:

If you take the College Board’s new SAT, you’ll receive a score of 562, meaning you’re on your way to a perfect score. And a perfect score requires a score of 660 (a “perfect” score on the verbal section is 575 and 572 on the math). And you can have your GPA, or how many credits you’re getting each semester, as well as any other college-level factors, all weighed against the new SAT.

Oh, and it’s all at a price tag of $50 more than the prior generation’s version. But college admissions officers seem to be convinced they have something to gain by getting into “more colleges.”

But wait, there’s more. There’s another SAT that’s taken by nearly 1 million people. It’s “less” expensive than the college-applicant SAT, but will still get you into six times as many college as the SAT. It costs $80.

This is one part of how I saw the College Board’s newest SAT score projections.

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