How do you become a filmmaker? – Independent Filmmaking Tips From Directors Mortgage

It’s a bit awkward for me. I’m pretty sure I made every single game I can think of. I really love working with people but, honestly, we all sort of live in our own bubble of self-belief—and that’s okay. There’s no shame in it. You just have to keep working and keep being open to all sorts of ideas and find other interesting and creative ways to collaborate.

I feel like, after years of not being creative when it comes to game development, I’m getting really close. I’m a good programmer and good artist. That’s what really gets me excited about what I’m doing, so I think I’m getting better at that as well. We have some interesting games in the works right now: I’m working on a game where you play as a character in an old-school game, but at the same time you are on an adventure. I’ll show you a little bit of that game here, though. I’ve been working on that for a long time.

In the mid-2000s, did you know that games were going to be this big thing?

I think I was just like, ‘Oh yeah! I don’t know if I can even describe this in words.’ But there are some very specific things you can do in games that you can’t do in other mediums, and there’s so much more. Because game design and game mechanics are this simple, really simple thing. It’s just like, you have the ability to take an entity and make it do things. You can’t do that with any other medium. And there’s so much more you can do in games than people even realize. And you don’t even even have to be a game designer—or really, you can be one of a very few.

You mentioned a while back you were working on a game called Tearaway. The game was about taking the most basic object in your living room and rearranging it. What was your process like with those concepts?

With Tearaway, I had a really simple, really straightforward idea. If everybody on Earth had an umbrella and the sky became a river and everything became water, I think, that’s really simple. And one of the ways you’re gonna see that is by having the game make the water flow, in part through gravity.

At that point, I really knew that what it should be about was making people happy. One way to do that is just by bringing

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