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First, you need to see some movies, or write some screenplays so you’ll have some exposure to how the industry works — which is what you’ll see on a first try. Next, it’s up to you to learn how to act and write your own screenplay, as well. The big hurdle is getting your characters and dialogue into characters and then making sure they’re good guys and villains that feel like real people. In film school, anyone who can write a line of dialogue can write a script. But your characters need to have a sense of who they are when they’re on screen. So if a person in your film doesn’t feel like a real person, then that means there’s something wrong with the character. That’s like an invisible wall. The more you try to create your own script, the more difficult it will be to figure out if things don’t make sense for them.

Does it matter whether your film is in the English or in Germanic language version?

No, not at all. Most major productions are filmed in a combination of French and Germanic languages, so it matters how the film in your language works. In general, though, the more complex the story is (more scenes and characters), and the longer the time you shoot, the better. For a single-location, single-location comedy, it’s hard to shoot that many different takes. For a film like We Bought a Zoo, you need to keep the audience engaged so you don’t want to run out of material as soon as you start telling the stories. And a good writer, you’re going to want to be able to explain why your characters are doing what they do in such a way that makes sense. So in a script where everything has to be so simple that you’re just having the most easy time explaining the things, it’s not going to happen. You’ll spend a long time explaining what they’re doing, so it will be easy for the audience to jump right into the action.

How big is the audience?
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You have a bunch of different ways you can judge. In a film school class, they’d be telling you the audience is a group of six or seven people, so if you want to make this work, it needs to be big enough. You’d be shooting a couple of days, and you’d need a couple of days to make it work. If it’s 20 minutes, then it probably should be.

Do you get tired of watching the same

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