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To learn film, it’s not an overnight process – there’s a learning curve. When you come to a place like this with a passion to make art, there’s no excuse for not trying things out more.

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You’ve shot on VFX, but have you got a favourite particular VFX studio?

I have no favourite vfx studios. I love the people who are working under the hood, with the technicalities of all the tricks that go on. It’s amazing to be on set, to just see the artistry and to be there on the cutting room floor.

I’ve worked with a lot of the composers on that movie, and they’re fantastic, and I haven’t got the right word for it – but I’m just so impressed. It’s amazing what they come up with!

Can you tell us about the character of Max and who they play?

They are played by two great actors that are great in other works: Michael Peña and Chris Noth.

Both of these are wonderful and versatile actors, in that when it’s a scene involving someone who has to carry something, they’ll bring this in and play these other roles. It was interesting to see the progression of them throughout the process, as much as you can tell.

I’m very proud of the scenes that were shot, though I feel like that was all I was given that I could do. I was at home filming it. I had it all shot, but I didn’t get to really play them with these actors, to really get to see and do the scene that was planned out. In terms of their characters they did such a good job of bringing these parts from script to shoot, so I appreciate that so much!

Do you have any plans to return to Australia?

This has been a hugely positive experience, and I absolutely intend to come back. As time goes on, I’ll be watching from the beach, and I don’t see anyone else who came in the front end of it.

There are some things that have been a bit difficult, at least from an administrative and legal standpoint, with all the visas and paperwork that we have to do, but we also have a family that we’re keeping very busy. We’ve been busy taking care of them, being as close to Sydney as possible.

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