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To do the maths and determine the number of days it would take to make one of the most expensive movies of the summer, we ran our own numbers.

We’re going to divide the number of weeks, days and hours in a year by the maximum amount of days and hours that it would take to film a film on a single location in the world.

This will give every director an adjusted average over the years the film has been on the top 10 highest grossing films of each of these categories.

Here is that total:

So a $100 million film will be filmed in 1,400 days over the course of a year.

To calculate how many days it would take to make The Hobbit, you need to estimate how many days per day it takes to shoot each of the movies set in its world.

A Hobbit film takes 6,200 days – 2,640 days for the Hobbit film alone – to film.

An Alien film takes 7,000 days and a Terminator film takes 8,000 days.

So, to make something like The Hobbit, an average of about 8,000 days per film is needed.

And a movie is probably not the worst choice if you’re looking to spend thousands of hours in total over three or four days to make a movie.

The most expensive big budget film in terms of days is The Avengers, which will take 3.5 times the amount of days to film than a Hobbit film with the same amount of money.

We are going to continue to update this page so keep an eye on it.

What we used

This is an updated data set from our film production and post-production business page which includes the numbers for every movie ever shot.

We’ve used this data on different occasions, with each calculation providing a unique perspective on a certain movie (see our post on Avengers for examples).

We chose to include both full days of each movie, the number of post production days that went into the final film and the number of special effects days for each movie.

To work out how much it would cost to film The Hobbit, we first looked at previous films at the top 10 films and then for every year, we found the number of days a film was filmed and we multiplied this number by the number of days in that year.

For example, to work out how many days it would take to work to make one of the most expensive films of

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