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Do you want to make your own films? Do you not want to do that anymore and just want to sit around all day?

Do you want to work on your own projects?

Do you want to learn more about filmmaking? That’s where things usually start, so make sure to check out the articles below. You should also be able to find an introductory course for budding filmmakers here.

1. Course 2: How to be a Film Producer

2. Course 3: How to make a Film with no Money

3. Course 4: How to Make Your First Film

4. Course 5: How to Make and Release a Feature

The New Mexico Department of Health and Human Services has approved a program for parents with infants who have been treated for autism to get free vaccination shots.

The new program was approved in August 2014 but does not cover all medically necessary vaccinations. It does cover two shots for all children with mild to moderate autism — with another shot available for those with more severe autism.

“We’re excited to be working with the MVDH (State of New Mexico Health Department) in this effort,” said Dr. Steve Crescenzo, Medical Director for the Department of Medicinal Products, Research, and Specialty Medicine at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

A “second shot,” is a shot that’s not available through vaccine. The MMR is a shot that is administered when a child is 6 months old and prevents measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and rubella (RSV). The shot is administered through a shot-to-body system.

This vaccine does not protect against measles (mainly because the vaccine is administered so late) nor does it protect against rubella and mumps (mainly because there is no vaccination schedule). Crescenzo said vaccinations are designed to help protect the entire population.

“Parents that go through vaccines are aware that a lot of the vaccine does have side effects. With second shots, that’s been addressed,” Crescenzo said. “It’s also very important that the parents know what the side effects are, not just a few. There’s a lot of side effects, and we want to help them understand them so they can make decisions accordingly.”

Parents can now submit their infant’s medical records for a second dose with the Department of Health online. A copy of the medical records must accompany their application for vaccine coverage

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