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I was actually considering transferring to university and getting a degree in film – but the money isn’t there – so I am going to take it step by step.

What will it take to get into it?

The money isn’t there – so I am going to take it step by step.

How is the process different from other post-secondary majors?

Basically I do my degree online, and when my second term ends I submit it for approval.

There are all kinds of qualifications that I can earn through this route – but in the end I need to take the MCAT, or the SAT – to earn full credit in the university.

There’s a big difference between MCATs and ASVABs. The difference is that ASVABs don’t have a grade point average, whereas MCAs do.

In terms of a certificate in a certain area, I’m hoping to get a doctorate in cinema technology. For example, I would like to work with the digital cinematography department in the university.

What was your first job?

As a software engineer at

When did you get started in the industry?

I actually got started as a graduate student last year.

You work with companies like the film and television industry?

Yes, I have done presentations for them.

Is there anything you wish you had known when you were looking to join the industry?

As an American I was never exposed to the kind of filmmaking and editing that is carried out in the countries I work in.

I was also aware that I had to be in the studio very early and work very hard until the sound came in – and that in some cases you couldn’t have a proper lunch break.

That means you have to be incredibly committed to the work and dedicated to it.

What were the most memorable moments of your first job?

The most memorable part is, of course, the first time you get a job – and the first time you get a job because you are not making it up.

You have to work really hard to make it because sometimes that’s all you have, so you really have to get it.

What does the future hold?

I just want to make the movie that I would like to make – and hopefully achieve the goal I set for myself.

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