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It takes years. It’s not just about sitting down and staring,” he said. “It’s also about building a career, and being a leader in your industry.”

“When you see that you can be one of these stars, then you don’t have any doubt you are going to be around for a long time,” added Schindler, who has produced and directed all three features, “Cinema Paradiso,” “Vampyr” and “In the Heights.”
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But for both Schindler and Schindler, the opportunity in Hollywood is now far greater.

It began in 2010, when the director went to his first Sundance. While working on the feature “Norman Rockwell’s America” he met Oscar-winning actor and director Steve Buscemi, who was at the time a student at the Los Angeles Film Institute. He ended up working with Schindler on “Vampyr,” which premiered at Sundance a year later. Schindler and Buscemi co-directed the film along with Schindler.

“For me, the opportunity that it was presented to me then is almost unbelievable — I got an Oscar nomination for my first film and have never been able to do anything like that,” Schindler said.

Schindler said he was always looking for a new film to shoot. While working on the first “Rivers of Babylon” in 1991 while teaching a film class at Columbia University, Schindler said he met with producers David O. Selznick (who would go on to produce “Rambo and the City of Santo Tomas”), who suggested Schindler work on a sci-fi film. He made the decision to make “The Day the Earth Stood Still” about a nuclear meltdown that is set in the 1980s.

“There was a story written that came a week after that movie was completed and we found some sort of way to put it in the middle of the ’60s, ’65, ’66, ’67, so it was like an alternate timeline,” Schindler said of “Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Schindler was in the middle of working on the film when Olin Wright, who had produced “Duck Soup,” offered him the chance to direct the film as a part of the producer’s agreement to work with him after his next film. Schindler said Wright had been involved with the story to help him develop a sci-fi concept

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