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It depends entirely on the filmmaker. Most of our collaborators are actors and have experience and knowledge of the craft of film and TV. Some directors have never used a DOP before in their career, but we are constantly looking for ideas that make us more creative and that add to the immersion of our world. For the most part, the film stays true to the spirit of the game, but our interpretation of these worlds is different.

In what ways are you influenced by the stories you’ve told?

Our world is based on stories we’ve read in our heads. We don’t rely on computer generated models. We have to tell the stories as we know them. We have so much fun making these movies and so many of the details can be changed in development if we are inspired.

You’re making a third movie in this franchise. Was that always in the plans?

We always had an eye on doing The Last Of Us, so it was only natural that we would want to add the story of Joel again.

What’s the most interesting and important thing that you learned with this story?

This was the first time I was able to say a complete story over the course of several years. Even if you don’t have all the key details figured out, you start to have some idea of what events and characters are going to happen.

When you’re making a movie, how much of it is made up of facts and some narrative, or is it more like you’re letting your imagination run wild?

It depends. It’s definitely harder to tell a story when you want to tell a different truth than reality. We tend to come up with very simple ideas and use logic and science to figure out how to make them come out of our heads. We try to keep the action fast and visceral, while allowing our characters to have their emotional states and struggles. It’s a big challenge, but we’re really happy that we’ve been able to find a balance.

What’s something that people should look forward to in the sequel?

Joel will still be a tough cookie even though he’s no longer fighting zombies, but there’s also a whole new set of adversaries. There’ll be a new threat with a new set of skills.

What’s one thing that you think fans should keep an eye out for?

Our characters will go through a ton of changes and developments. It’ll feel like they’ve changed forever and it’s gonna be awesome

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