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It helps people to know that in the film community, people aren’t paid to make bad films. We’re doing it because we love it. It’s been fun for us to get to do more and see what’s out there. We’re so grateful that it’s going to inspire people in other industries to do the same.
Julio Jones is basically Michael Jackson with this unreal ...

What should filmmakers take away from their experience?

A lot. There’s no shortage of stories to tell in this industry. One of the best things about film is that you’re able to reach people. And when you have a story you want to tell, you don’t have to wait for somebody else to tell it. I remember being a kid and being in films on the set of a film. That’s how you learn film.

What film can a filmmaker learn from your experiences?

I’m a filmmaker, but I’m also a teacher. I spent the majority of my career in film. I learned a lot from working with some great people in the industry such as Mike Leigh, Steve McQueen, Peter Jackson, Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Nolan, Joe Johnston, and so many more. You just have to be ready to learn. I hope that my experience helps people be a better filmmaker.

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What’s the message you’d like people to take away from filmmaking?

We must continue to use our power to influence others. The power to make and to teach. A film will change people. It may change their life, and our lives, and our world.

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I first met Alex in late December on the floor of an event in Las Vegas during which he was in town for a panel at the UNLV School of Information. This was back in the fall, and I was looking for him because all my friends were going through the same thing I had. It was so late at night, and I was

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