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Can I turn an indie movie out successfully without help? Where is the line between self-funded and not?

I am lucky enough to be making my first feature film. It’s in post-production in South Dakota now. I made the film in my spare time while I was finishing up my MFA, and although it’s still very early on, there already has been a noticeable jump in my quality of work.

I had been making music videos in my free time and was hoping they would get my name out a little more. However, I’ve also been in the video-making business for years. I’ve produced music professionally for a couple hundred dollars an hour.

So while I enjoy making music videos, I didn’t want to be a movie composer. I’m still learning, but as a filmmaker, I can’t do it all by myself.

I started on a big-budget feature film, with a very talented, talented crew. But after about 12 weeks of shooting, I realized I was doing it wrong. If I was doing the same thing as a filmmaker, I would be a lot more efficient. But if I didn’t have the resources to make a movie without the help of a producer, I’d be on my own. So I worked with a producer on the soundtrack for the film. I got a good feel for how to tell these complex story arcs. So I went in and learned things in the editing room.

After that, I kept working on the film, and we shot the movie in one day, one day at a time. We shot at two different locations. There’s a bar in South Dakota where many of my crew was stationed. Then we shot an action set in New York City. There’s a real action scene in my movie, so it needed to be done right. It took me nearly a year and a half to get the sound, the lighting, the storyboard, it was hard to put it together in the time I had.

A large portion of your film was made in South Dakota. How was it made to film in South Dakota?

We shot in New York from the beginning, mostly in the middle of the month. New York City is a big city and a lot of the time we were there for eight days, with one day off each week, so we spent a fair amount of time in New York.

When we go to shoot, we’ll find a spot on the riverbank. We shoot

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