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Is every stage essential? In this blog post I explain the 5 stages of filmmaking and how they differ.

Why did my experience as a graphic designer change.

During my design course the subject of film was the subject of a lot of discussion in our classes. This is where I had a lot of personal questions about why my career as a graphic designer changed.

I started off the design course with a basic understanding of the art of film. With no formal training in film it was a huge leap to start my design studies. But after a few weeks of classes with Michael Araneta (the founder of Araneta Design Studio) and an internship at Araneta I was hooked.

I would never have made my design studies so fast if my design skills weren’t up to the task. I am thankful that I’ve found something I was passionate about and that allowed me to get the job that I do today. But I also know that in order for me to get that level of enthusiasm you need to have a background in film and a strong eye for design.

I knew I needed to be good at film after I finished the 3 month course. But I wasn’t always sure about what I should be doing. Why was I studying film and how did film affect my design course?

My background in film and design helped me to understand the basics. If I focused 100% on film design that would make no sense. My design course covered the concepts, processes, and elements that made up a good film design.

From an art standpoint design and film are similar as both are visual works that require a technical ability.

As for the technical side of making films it’s important to note that films require a certain level of technical and mechanical efficiency. If you’re a film director or any other creative in this field you should always have a deep knowledge of how film can be made. But without that knowledge you may end up making things that are just not as beautiful as you wish.

To further understand why designing for film was essential to me I thought I might do a post on my project that used Araneta’s design school.

The project was designed to be a way of showcasing his school and his own passion for the craft of design. It was also a way to help the students gain some confidence in working at Araneta to have a chance of making it into a production company.

I decided to start off the project by making the graphic design lessons

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