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Film and Media Studies is a major and diverse field of study that deals with the ways that film can influence culture and society. To prepare for the film and media studies course, you may take one of our film courses offered at the University of Georgia. You could also take our film and media studies courses offered at a college or university across the country.

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What does the course syllabus look like?

Students will receive a syllabus to help guide their study activities as well as a weekly schedule of tutorials. You may receive a print version of the syllabus.

Online Classes

There are four options for each of the four Film and Media Studies classes:

Film and Media Studies 3: A Pre-Film Seminar in Film Themes

The Film and Media Studies 3: A Pre-Film Seminar in Film is an introductory course that covers the major elements within film and the ways that films can be used to teach and understand subjects outside of film. Students will learn how to write a film outline, prepare a draft screenplay, perform a scene, and research a film. They will also learn the theory of film criticism. These classes are designed for film majors with a desire to further their understanding of the cinematic arts or interested in exploring the role of social criticism in movies. Students who have completed their major’s film studies courses will have a thorough introduction to film criticism as well as the fundamentals of film theory.


In order to be eligible for this course, please make sure that you are a current USC Film Minor (the “Minor”).

If you are currently a USC Film Minor student and planning to take this course please read the “Important Dates and Information” (below) to understand when to start your semester.
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Important Dates and Information

Students who are considering a change to their major or major in film or film studies must read and accept these important dates and information carefully. Students cannot change major’s before the end of the fall session of the first semester of the fall calendar year.

You will be asked to attend a lecture by one of the film class instructors. In order to take the exam you must also attend the lecture by the class instructor.

Before enrolling in this class you must contact the University of Georgia to learn about how you might be able to transfer credit. To do so you can go to:


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