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The salary of an experienced film editor ranges from €100,000 to €130,000 according to estimates. A film editor’s work is usually very specialized. Their job is to keep the story flowing in a very detailed manner and take care of the dialogue and visuals. Editing takes a lot of time and dedication. It is not just watching a movie anymore – it takes time to bring a finished film to life. Editing is something you do every day.

How long do you have to work in film?

Most experienced film editors are required to be paid for the length of a film. They are expected to work on a film for three to five years – as of 2016.

What is the pay in film?

According to the latest report published by the French Tax Administration, a production salary in France is €100,800. This is the same as the average salary in Belgium for its employees. (A report published on August 14 reported that the average wages in France were €100,000 for cinematographers and editors.)

Is my job guaranteed?

Yes, a film editor usually has an exclusive contract with the production companies. Some film editors may be under contract for six months but generally this is not a problem. A producer or executive needs to show a good contract.

On average, film editors typically start a film from the beginning. They take the time to understand what is required of them and the project. Some film editors may begin with just a script and a couple of sketches. Some start with full color and some film color. Others might do both. If they are lucky, the director agrees to let them edit after the principal photography period. Some directors allow them to edit on their own schedule as they work on it. Other producers or executives, often from foreign projects, allow them to work around the clock on a project.

Is the work done in France?

Filmmakers usually hire their film editors in certain countries. France has the highest minimum wage for its production employees. This means, for example, that the minimum wage for an editor working in France is €100,000 while one working in Belgium is €90,000. This difference is what enables French film editors to charge higher prices and keep their fees low. This type of difference also helps to maintain French film industry employment in France.

Can I be fired for poor work?

No, the French Film Institute of France and Ministry of Social Affairs (FAMAN)

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