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It’s something that a lot of my friends are doing. It’s something they do to get money and a shot. A lot of filmmakers also create digital art that is paid for. But I wanted to do a more tangible thing. We are not going do that. People have been putting things on the Internet and putting out videos on YouTube for years, which I find very annoying. That’s not how I am.

And now you’re putting the digital in a tangible piece of art, The Last Exit.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You should see this. We’ll be putting a digital version into a gallery there when the time is right—if everything else works out (which seems to be the current plan: It will be in the exhibition space at the Gallery at the University of Michigan until February 1). So you will be able to look at it right there.

You mean right now?

That’s the best I can say. We’re working out the logistics of the online part of the show. The art will go on display. So you will be able to go on line and get it.

Where are you located?

I’m in Ann Arbor. It’s the city that really brought my career to a whole new level through my work as a public art director. I think one of the biggest reasons my careers didn’t take off right away is because of the way the city worked. In most cities, if you are a public artist or a public space or a public space architect, you get a grant and they just give you cash for this new thing. There’s no long-term plan. Once our grant expired, we went out and funded this thing ourselves, and it’s been running for about eight months now.

There are all sorts of concerns. It has some people concerned — particularly around the idea that people are buying the art they are creating and there is no long-term financial plan. This may very well be one of those times. The biggest concern from the arts community is that it has the potential to do some harm and to be disruptive to the community’s sense of how it wants to engage in art.

But, if it continues to work the way things are going, you want to put your money behind it?

The reality is you don’t have your money out for your projects for a long time. This is a project that is going to move forward. You have time now.

What happens if things

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