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Pilot Course
Pilot, Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Producer-Founder
An Introduction To Film Production
The basic concepts of film are still relevant in today’s world of visual media and the online world of information. It is for this reason that this course is highly suited for those aspiring to follow in their footsteps and get involved with the industry.
This course will take you on a journey that will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and awareness required to succeed professionally as a Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Director of Production, and also as someone who has the potential with an interesting subject matter.
The course is based on the following topics:
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Filmmaking as a subject matter.
Basic concepts of Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Audio and Video and the various ways to use them.
Filmmaking as narrative.
Filmmaking as character-driven and character-driven story.
How to think in a narrative context.
Setting up a production team and managing and controlling your production.
How to make a feature documentary or film.
A brief description of the basic requirements, the different kinds of production departments that are needed, and the different kinds of films that can be made.
The general outline of the business environment and what the business structure is for a major Hollywood studio and the different aspects of running a production studio.
The business environment including the company-specific elements and the structure of the business.
How I intend to use the course.
We will also be using some of it in our film production business model and what we plan to do about it.
The material in this course is meant to be used as a base for the content of the course materials. All of the course materials are available for purchase on the online store (http://filmstudiosolutions.com/studiosecurity/).
The purpose of the course is to inspire, motivate, and help you become a professional filmmaker.
The goal of this course is not to provide an “in-depth” course on how to make a film. Rather, we will create a solid foundation in how to think in a narrative way and do things right the first time. This is a very specific course to be used for this purpose.
We will be creating the following kinds of materials:
· Lessons. Lessons are free courses and you can start here as you follow the course.
· Content. These are content-rich courses that you will be able to access in advance of the course

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