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Most of all it needs to be fun, and that usually means it needs to be a film that a lot of people want to see. I mean, we’ve had a year of nothing but bad reviews about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The only other films to do that are Batman Begins and The Amazing Spider-Man – both of those films made a billion dollars the very first weekend. That’s what makes a movie, I think. And if there’s any movie that can achieve that, it’s these Batman films.

For more on DC’s upcoming superhero movies, watch The Complete Interview with Geoff Johns & Ben Affleck.

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It’s a good thing I was a teenager to miss this piece of history when it came out in 1985 about my father, “The Boss”.

In The Boss (aka The Last Supper), the book by William Blake, God gave to his apostles, “the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” To pass them on, we had to fulfill our Father’s promise to us and do as our Father asked us to.

You should be getting your hands on this book if you haven’t already (and we highly recommend getting your hands on The Boss for yourself as soon as possible). It’s a fascinating look at this amazing and unique event that defined the beginning of Christianity. (There’s not much of a way back, if there ever was, for a man who lived it so long-and he was a real boss!)

I don’t know how much you have to do to understand what’s happening in this excerpt from The Boss, but if you really want to get a good sense of what it all means, the following article helps: “The Boss and Christ” by Matt Schulz. It takes you through all the nuts and bolts of the Last Supper in depth. (And it’s more in-depth than I originally intended – I got so excited to share the story with my wife and son after it was already published that I missed a few things).

In the book, the last part of the meal was given over to guests of honor, like the two men on stage as the guests to the wedding feast.

But in this excerpt and in the video accompanying it, you can clearly see Jesus walking in front of the bride and groom, looking over his shoulder as they are about to walk out into the sun.

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