What skills do you need to be a director? – Uncsa Editing

In order to be a director we’ll need to have a strong ability to make, plan and execute a project or series of projects. You don’t need a degree in filmmaking or art direction just to get a job as a director.

What are you looking for in a director in the United Kingdom?

The ideal candidate should be:

A keen and creative mind

An inventive mind able to explore new approaches to storytelling and filmmaking

Passionate about what he/she does

Creative and innovative

Innovative and driven about how he/she applies to be an individual that will shape the future of cinema as we know it today.

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I have a hard time accepting that our political system is broken at its core. I was always a Democrat until a decade ago, and after working hard and getting a fair shake, I eventually become a Republican. My political views are based on many things I read in the news, and have heard from my friends over the years. But what struck me in this primary, was how deeply I felt about the role of money in our political process and the role of lobbyists.

I spent a lot of time last night reading reports of how some of my friends have found their way into the halls of power. I started reading the first paragraph in the article at the top which says, “Some friends are insiders in Democratic and Republican Party circles. Others are the product of an ambitious generation raised in the most extreme and divisive politics in modern American history.” I’m sorry to say that I see the two categories as two extremes.

When you look closely at the people I mentioned in my sentence above, you find out they live an extremely sheltered life in a bubble. They all were taught to speak only the official talking points. And many people are now coming to realize that the official talking points they were taught only a generation ago, have been very, very out of touch with the issues of this era. Their parents, grandfathers, all came to this country

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