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In the case of a film like “The Hunger Games,” the answer is simple – those who made the film. You and I, for example, are the highest paid actors there are. This is the only way that there can be an economic incentive for a film to keep going when more money can be paid to actors at other studios.
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But if you look at the way that “Rise of the Guardians” is being marketed, you see a lot of studios buying up the film’s trailers and other marketing materials like these. Could those sales in turn result in better distribution of “Rise”?

What the trailers did was set up the assumption that people buy the film. When people make that assumption, there’s this huge incentive to try to market the movie. The reason a trailer might not go over well is that even though you’re selling more product, you’re still selling less.

I think one of the problems with that is that people in the film industry really do take their products very seriously – no one is going to buy the movie just because it has a “Rise of the Guardians” tag.

On the other hand, if the movie does well, then of course the advertising and trailers are going to get more attention and that will make the movie more likely to be sold to those people who have not seen it.

What should Hollywood do to better promote films like “The Hunger Games?”

One of the biggest things was we just didn’t have many trailers, and that really hurt sales. You’re already marketing the film, so the whole process just took forever. A trailer was better than no trailer.

One thing you’re going to have to figure out is how you go about making marketing decisions with “The Hunger Games.” How much is the promotion a feature of the film? Can you just say, “This is a feature” – and then sell it the same way you did for other films. Or do you create something more? How does that work?

This is the trickiest question I had to answer: how do we make the promotion of the film not feel like promotion? It’s the trickiest question I had to answer: how do we make the promotion of the film not feel like promotion?

We’ve done it by using things that aren’t products; things that are sort of neutral and neutral and don’t imply product. They’re not advertising, they’re just advertising. They’re not trying to get people to go see

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