Who gets paid the most in a movie? – Online Film History Courses

How do they do it? And is it safe? The answers lie in the paychecks and bonuses that movie stars receive in order to secure the roles they play.

Pay is a funny thing but it’s one that can be incredibly powerful – and can ultimately set the stage for the actor’s career.

Here are six ways that movie stars can make money:

1. Get it All

For movies that are bigger budgets, actors are often paid for their supporting roles as well.

“If we had a movie in New York, it would probably get a little bit of a discount because it’s in a city where the cast and crew are really big stars and the marketing folks really don’t mind a little exposure,” notes Paul Zimbalist of Imax, which owns a 50 percent stake in Paramount Pictures. “If it’s in Los Angeles, it’s got a little lower price tag because the cast and crew are not the biggest stars, and the marketing folks would give it a try and if the film does well, it will make that bigger amount.”

2. Showcase You

That might not sound like it, but it plays out when it comes to supporting roles. Think of it like being a musician: If you don’t sell tickets, you won’t get paid.

“The actors who are doing big movies and doing good movies are the guys who are promoting the film because it generates a lot of buzz,” continues Korn, who co-stars in Zoolander and The Social Network with Angelina Jolie. “It’s when those guys don’t come across as just somebody who is up for the job – and that’s when the studio can tell them, ‘You should be paid more.’ ”

“What makes those guys exciting is that they bring a story. They’re not just there to get you to buy a ticket, they’re there to create the story and make it interesting,” says Zimbalist.

3. Rely on Personality

In films that are trying to reach big audiences, it’s not enough to simply portray a character. They need to make sure you’re invested in what the character is and why you care about the story.

“You don’t have to go as low as what you were looking for in your audition,” says Zimbalist. “You know what character the studio is looking for, but you can’t just be good at everything.”

He also explains that the studio

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