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That’s the biggest joke in Hollywood. You don’t have directors. You have a writer to write the movie. You might hire a director or a star but all of that changes after an eight-hour editing process. So you don’t have a real director — a creative director is the job of the producer, not the CEO or a producer’s personal assistant — but you think you do have a creative director. It’s the best director, the strongest director, that has actually gotten the movie made.”

But, if you look beyond the Oscars, people like David O. Russell and Steven Soderbergh have been making movies for decades — much longer than even Tarantino. Russell, for instance, directed all three of his movies, and in 2000 released The Fighter. And he’s directing The Fighter at this very moment.

So Tarantino might want to start thinking of himself as an underdog.

“What happened with him is almost like being a rock star,” Goss says. “Now they don’t have the Oscars anymore so what are you going to take over? Is it getting bigger in box office? Is it being nominated for other things? Is that going to come into play? Or he is going to need to become a smaller star so you can be a smaller star with them.”

Or perhaps he needs become a more famous rock star.

“You have to be an artist like you should become,” Goss says. “I mean when Michael Jordan comes out at the beginning of Michael Jordan he’s like, ‘I was making one of the top 10 records in the world, but I didn’t want to do anything else, so I stopped.’

“And then it turns out he was a great basketball player in his own right. It’s like the greatest movie.”

Goss says it’s hard to say how much his own career has changed in the past 30 years. But there are more and more things he’s doing now than ever, including a lot of his films. He’s working on an autobiography, and plans to start directing some of that in the future. And at the same time, he’s been writing new stories and new music.

“Every time I write the same story I try to find a different style,” he says. “I don’t make the same movie again and have the same actors. I look at how I make and do these films and I’m not going to go back to making the same old movie because it’s so

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