Why is it called indie? – The Digital Filmmaking Handbook 6Th Edition

What are the implications? How can anyone tell the difference?

That’s a great question, because we’d rather answer it than keep asking it. The first name you come to is, “I thought it was an indie film. I thought it was a great movie.” And then, “I’m going to make a game out of that as part of some big project, which will be an indie project.” And there’s no way to tell where one will end up, or to understand where the other one will lead.

Is it harder or easier to convince someone that your game is an indie game?

It’s a hard one, because most people have already heard about us, and you have to make it very convincing when you ask them, but there’s really not much you can do. One of our early tests for indie is a game by the brilliant indie designer Eric W. Biber. [Eric Binder’s] ‘Doritos’ was very successful when it came out, and then it was canceled, so there were a lot of people who felt pretty burned by our game for that reason. We had so much respect for Eric’s work and his talent. We thought the game had a future. So when we heard about it, it was all a bit of a shock. The best advice I can give is to ask people what game they would really want to see made. And then give people a big idea about the game and a little bit of the details. Maybe not make it as crazy-good and flashy as we wanted. Maybe not go the whole hog. But at least give them enough of a sense of the game and see if you can convince them.

One of us may have a lot to learn about the future of the NFL from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, who has a podcast on the league. For starters, Florio isn’t the worst analyst in the business.

The former ESPN play-by-play man can be a little too jacked up for the casual observer. Like football. In football, he calls “the plays” (not his play calls either, but the ones the plays will be and that the play call does not represent the play call):

“That’s when the ball gets snapped, and it starts moving. That’s where the ball goes.”

And now in his “The Book” interview, Florio also called it one of the “greatest” plays in Super Bowl history, explaining that it didn

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