How do you play C on guitar? – Learn Free Guitar Lessons Online

I play like a bass guitar. I don’t play a double-neck guitar, but I think it would be cool. What’s it like performing songs that are so different from your own music? I feel really comfortable with what we play now. We’re not trying for a perfect record. We aren’t trying to play to everyone’s […]

Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – Best Way To Learn Changing Guitar Chords

The latest evidence from the European Commission seems to indicate that the answer isn’t so straightforward. According to the paper “Educational Policy in the UK: Key Issues for the Future”, published recently on the Institute for Creation Research website by the University of Exeter and the University of Exeter, young people will not be allowed […]

Is it worth it to learn guitar? – Learn Guitar Fretboard App

Not really. Learning to play a guitar is just another part of doing your best at whatever you are trying to do. You have to remember one things: Your mind is not a guitar. It’s just a tool to help you do your best. Learn to play the guitar as a tool, not a tool […]

Is 22 too old to learn guitar? – Best Learn To Play Guitar App 2020

Or are some kids just naturally gifted with it and they’re fine with getting a lot of help with it? If your dad is a teenager then I understand and appreciate the challenge of teaching him the fundamentals so he starts thinking about chords in a more mature but simple way. Most teenagers get the […]