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It can be very difficult to decide what kind of guitar lessons you want. When you start out you might find the lesson is too easy, or you don’t learn as fast as you thought (don’t believe there’s an easy answer when there’s many different factors for both you and your guitar) or you might find you’re not learning as much or playing as well. We can all disagree on which type of lessons are good, and this is a very important question to consider. A lot of guitar luthiers consider lessons not worth it, but if you’re a beginner and you are having trouble at any point, it can be really tempting to quit your hobby. However, this is a very costly (and usually painful) way to go. There are a number of things that can help you in the first couple of lessons:

Your skills are already pretty bad and you could even say you’re barely learning. I’d consider a guitar lesson to not be a good investment.

You’re still learning or improving.

You want to stay focused on the fundamentals, but don’t necessarily want to lose anything in the process – and it’s good to have something to use afterwards to study for exams.

What kind of guitar lessons should I get?

Whether you want to build your playing or learn techniques you’re accustomed to, there is one point in time when you should try to get a lesson from a guitar teacher. Most people want to learn how to play, but you might be able to learn some basic techniques or even just how to do some techniques better.

To answer this question, we need to look at exactly what sort of lessons should you be getting. There are different types of instructors and even more different types of lessons. A lot of the problems with guitar lessons is that you can only get them through some online lessons, not through a live instructor. Learning any technique – even a new one – is going to involve a lot of practice. A lot of this is due to how we tend to learn these techniques – through repetition of repetition of practice. If you use a live instructor, you’re basically learning every move you can, so by the end of the lesson you’ll have become a great player. The difference in the first few lessons is you probably don’t have the same ability to pick up on every nuance of these guitar parts. This is a difficult point to assess, but a good first step would be to ask what type of guitar you’re currently playing.

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