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It depends on your instrument and how well you practice (not to mention the fact that some guitarists do not have it as easy as others). I have never met anyone who is absolutely “the best”. The more I play guitar, it makes me understand what the best way to practice would be. I have seen lots of people play like a rockstar in the studio and onstage. They are really good at playing the guitar but they don’t know how to play like a band, or even a soloist. They aren’t good at what is required to play a rockstar sound and I don’t pretend they’re the best at it. Sometimes, it helps some to practice like a rockstar. My goal is to teach guitarists to play like I do when I am still in high school and college. But if you haven’t yet learned how to play, then I recommend going to

Do you play for fans, at concerts or just for yourself?
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Actually, mostly at concerts now and not to much except for the occasional small group for me. I am still playing concerts. There was such a great reception at my last one which was at the New Year and it was my first time ever playing it.

Are you influenced by other styles and musicians?

I never really thought of it but what is cool is having the opportunity to listen and see what was going on in the world at the same time I was playing music.

Who are some of your most inspired artists?

There are so many. I love Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, the Beatles (John Lennon), Led Zeppelin and most of all Bob Dylan. But I think that is too short. My favorite artists are Neil Young, David Bowie, R.E.M., James Taylor, John Denver, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

What are some of your favorite instruments/lutes?

Actually, I have two I love a lot. It’s hard to pick because I have so many that I play, but the one I do the most would be the guitar. In my head, it is an instrument with so many different tones so much that I like it just for the sound.

Are you a guitar nerd?

Well, yes. That is what my father did. He knew everything there was to buy. But a lot of my friends don’t know about that. My friends would get a new guitar

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