Can I learn guitar in 3 months? – Learn Guitar Online

Nope. You’re on your own. The best I’ve got is 30 hours of lessons a week at Guitarworld UK, which is a bit too much in my opinion.

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But you do it anyway – what’s the best guitar technique?

If it’s not in your regular music theory, it’s never going to work for you. I mean, your teachers will tell you that you shouldn’t think in terms of theory, because it just won’t work. So you’ll just be doing it because it’s there and that’s how you play it. Even if you hear about a technique that works for a lot of people, you’ll only ever do that if it’s in your music – otherwise, you’ll just do it in your theory and it won’t really benefit you.

What are some of the other things you learn?

Music theory is really helpful. You can hear it’s there.

What do you use music theory to study?

Musicians can do just about anything – for example, in music theory, as I said before, I used music theory to write my own parts, to write my own bass lines and to write in a completely different way than I used to. Because when I was learning in my lessons, I could just be as technical as I wanted to be and get them done and that was not what I was learning in the practice room, and so I’d go back and study it again and then I’d find I could do it with no problem at all as I had learned in theory. I use it, actually, every day and there are always new things that come to mind. It’s really good for that because you can keep learning and you’re never going to stop. You might come across a concept about how a particular chord changes from one key to another and you’ve got to see if it’s possible to get to it using just theory before you write it down, to see if it works. So there’s a lot of useful things that you can use music theory for. It’s just like any music theory course.

You’re also learning music theory. What are the topics you’re going over in music theory?

I was working with music theory last year, which is a pretty special gig. I’d been playing in bands for quite a long time, so I’m used to it already and my music is just kind of a

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