Can I teach myself guitar? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners Step By Step

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Sure. Take note that some of these instruments require a “high school” or “intermediate” level of skill, so you may want to put a few months or years of study before taking the next step. Just know that the time it takes to develop a sound in other genres of music is about the same.

You’re probably going to want a dedicated guitar amp, right? And that amp is probably gonna cost you somewhere around $1,000+. If it’s cheaper elsewhere, good for your wallet… but you could still end up breaking the bank if you can only afford a $150 Fender Bassman or Les Paul-esque Fender Mustang.

If you’re an aspiring guitar player, you probably want what I call the “good-faith” route: a high-quality guitar with as few bells and whistles as you can afford. In the spirit of “no frills,” the good faith route is probably gonna take longer than the “no-frills” route because you’ll have a less-lucid guitar picking sound and need to make some adjustments before switching it over to something other than the cheapest pickguard. But if you’re a serious, serious player, that’s a good thing, because they’ll be making changes to their gear for years to come.

Other tips (but really, it’s your call):

Listen to music on all the most commonly played guitar tones in popular genres – acoustic, acoustic-electric, electric guitar. Learn as much as you can about different instruments and make certain you have a good ear for what sounds good, even if it means learning the terminology of your instrument. It might help to get a guitar tuner or something as a secondary tool. Listen to the same records over and over so that you get that “high-frequency attack” of an acoustic, acoustic-electric pair, and you get that bass sound of an electric guitar and the “warm” midrange of a bass guitar. Don’t just rely on other people to tell you what you need. Start by trying the thing in the store, and then if you liked it, keep trying it more often, until you eventually like it! Some of the popular instruments that have the “classic sound” are blues and country, jazz, folk and hip-hop. But it can still be challenging just to pick up a decent guitar in those genres (especially acoustic) and make the transition.

Don’t get into something you don’t really like.

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