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The answers lie in the depths of the psyche. If you listen, you will find that the most useful thing you can do in this world is try and live with a mind. It helps a lot and we’ll be talking about this in a different episode.

But for today I wanted to talk about something that I find much more helpful than what a teacher can offer. And that is what we call a ‘soulful mindset’ — the idea that the way we think about life has power. That without thinking about the past, present and future, living lives based on what is right in front of us is what will bring happiness.

We’ve all thought this, and with good reason. And yet it sounds like a pretty silly thing to believe — if living lives based on what is right in front of us is such a good thing. But that’s because the reality of life is so much darker and more chaotic, so much harder and more difficult to understand than a beautiful landscape. Which is ironic, because there must be some value to that wild life!

And that’s exactly how I feel about everything that happens around us. There’s no perfect day or perfect weather, no perfect person or even an ideal lifestyle. But we can all work to live this beautiful, wild life just as much as we can work towards a more secure and stable one.

How you think about the world and living an optimistic and happy life can make everything in your life and in the world around you better. Here are three practical ways to bring this to fruition when you’re in the midst of an otherwise busy day.

1. Listen to Music

Music will bring happiness. It can even transform the way you think.

And music has a very important part to play in creating happiness.

Because although we’ve all heard stories about musicians who seem to be born lucky, there are numerous artists in the world who weren’t born with a chance. Most of them didn’t reach adulthood with any skill, and then decided to pursue it anyway.

But there’s a small chance that if your friend or relative is talented enough, then they have good fortune and their talent could even be cultivated. And if they are fortunate enough to be working in a field they love, they are likely to take a chance and try it out. Even if they fail, they might still succeed in a way.
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So music can be a great source of inspiration and a beautiful way to bring those big life decisions to

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