Does playing guitar help with anxiety? – Should I Learn Bass Or Guitar

Many people report finding that playing guitar has helped alleviate anxiety about things like losing their job or dealing with an emotionally abusive relationship. I have also found that playing guitar to alleviate anxiety can be useful as a way to overcome anxiety about a certain subject, which is something often overlooked.

Do I need to use earplugs?

If you notice that you start hearing things that don’t make any sense, it’s time to take a listen to the audio on the page. Some examples might include noises like birds or talking, noises like thunder or heavy breathing. I’ll usually tell you to listen at a different volume, to test the volume you have on your own. Listen while reading the lyrics on the page.

Do I need to put in time at all?

A lot of people feel that they don’t need to practice because they already have enough. Sometimes, this is true. If you find that you can’t play or sing because you’re so engrossed in a project that you’re not thinking about it, you need to take a look at where you’re going with your songwriting.

Are there other sources of help?

There are many resources available online for help with anxiety and depression:

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America

The Anxiety Disorders Association

Cognitive Behavior Therapy


The Mental Health Foundation’s National Depression and Anxiety Association website

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Supporting and Community for Anxiety

The American Academy of Dermatology

Linda J. Biernacki, PsyD

LSD: A Manual of Psychedelic Therapy

For information on other psychiatric and psychological disorders see our page on the A.A.A., NAMI and the American Psychological Association websites.

The authors do not give medical advice. The facts in this article should not be taken for advice. You should not attempt therapy or self-help without seeking professional help, especially if you experience any side effects, or your condition worsens.

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