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First, don’t have any fear of it all. Learning guitar is a really fun process that should last a lifetime. We’ve covered every conceivable way of playing guitar in many different parts of the lessons. The first step is to make a learning plan and make sure you have enough time in your schedule to complete it. You have to go through many different methods before you begin to build up a huge amount of knowledge.

To begin playing guitar and build up your vocabulary, the first thing you need is a good tutor. A good tutor will tell you all of the different chords within their style (for example blues, jazz, country, rock and etc.) and how to play the chords. They will teach you about rhythm, tempo, etc. They also help you to expand your vocabulary and you will soon build up a big musical vocabulary.

Do you need help on what to study for your exam? Don’t worry about it, a tutor can do all the work for just a few dollars a month!

Learn more about our full range of music tutoring services, including guitar chord charts, guitar tablature and study plans.

Learn more about our free guitar chord books including “What’s the best place to start with guitar?”

What are all the guitar chord symbols?

The guitar chord symbols can be found in the following order:

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Minor and Major: G D B A E C B7

Augmented or Minus chord: I V Iii b7

7th in minor or dominant chord: ii V 3 4 5 b7

There are also minor chords and minor key chord names.

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