How do I pick a guitar? – Justin Guitar Lessons For Beginners

The first thing to ask is, “what do I want?”. To some extent you can try to “make the most out” of certain features. It can be pretty easy to make an acoustic guitar sound like a metal one, for example, or a mandolin can sound like an acoustic one to some extent, or a ukulele a bit like an acoustic one. But you have to consider why each guitar differs – are they all for exactly the same reason, or some of them just need different tweaking to make them sound like a particular instrument? There are a number of things to consider in particular. Here are some quick tips.

Electronics and pickups to get the sound

This is easy as a starter. All electrics are a lot alike. You have a speaker and a guitar. And a microphone. The basic difference, however, seems to be that a guitar is going to go straight on and produce a different sound, and the microphone is a bit like being in the middle of a crowd singing, or using a stand to record the sound without any added weight.

On the other hand, the speaker and speaker pickups are going to differ. A guitar will sound very good in an acoustic speaker, but they sound awful or almost no good, when they are fed through an amplifier, because the bass needs to be emphasized to make the sound come through the output. The solution to this was to make the amplifier a bit easier to listen to, so the speaker and the pickup, like the microphone, don’t have to be as involved as they are in an acoustic guitar or a mandolin. That is what a capacitor or an opamp is for, making the speaker more manageable.

Other tips – to make the guitar sound better

A very similar thing is the solution to adding more volume to an acoustic instrument: use a power supply. Now you’ll probably notice that most players don’t need any of this. But they do want one speaker. And that speaker will be a very, very good one. There are things like speaker cabinets being sold with a 5 or 7 way speaker stack, where they are supposed to handle more than five octaves, and one speaker at the front and the other in the back of the stack. That is a huge step up in quality. Of course, it also depends on if the amp you are using is good, or if you are just trying to get a slightly better sounding guitar.

The guitar is also going to need a microphone.

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