How do you play C on guitar? – Classical Guitar Lessons Online Free For Beginners

The first thing to do is make a practice/practice plan and start working on the songs from this website. Then do as many as you can. Go in, lay your fretboard, pick and strum and play.

When I first started I did one song on the first try and it wasn’t a very good song but it got me playing in guitar clubs. Just put an acoustic guitar on the front row and play your best. As I got used to playing faster, I did one tune, a real bad tune, and then the next tune I did better that day. The next song was much better. I am confident that I can play many more songs that I have done with this method than in other methods (I know). If you play one tune fast enough and keep practicing it you will soon be doing it well.

Try and get to know your instruments as much as possible. For example try and play each instrument from your own memory, or look at the top ten guitar chords as shown on the website. Try and play these songs and compare a couple.

Try and play them so well you can do a solo and sing along. The guitar is very important in doing this and it’s hard!

Have fun and play on what you are comfortable with.

How did C go? I’ve started doing C over and over again and it’s working for me. It’s quite good even if I don’t know the chord structure or the notes at any rate there are some great songs that I’ve played and it’s still fresh in my mind. I hope this article has helped.


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