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I play like a bass guitar. I don’t play a double-neck guitar, but I think it would be cool.

What’s it like performing songs that are so different from your own music?

I feel really comfortable with what we play now. We’re not trying for a perfect record. We aren’t trying to play to everyone’s style. My first record came out in 2001, and it had a really big audience. But we just thought that we were cool so we kind of made sure of that. It wasn’t like we wanted to be like everybody else. We just started out.

Where you guys are in Cylvania?

I’m staying with my dad in the city. I’m going to Nashville in a couple weeks for a tour with MellowHype. But my schedule is pretty crazy. In the morning, I am with my wife, and then I play a show with them in Nashville. Once that finishes, I then have to head off to Nashville to start my tour. But before I go, I’ll go home to L.A. And then I’ll go out for a couple days. Then I have to do a gig in L.A. and do a few shows back in L.A. then go back to Nashville to finish up my tour before I leave for L.A.

Where are you playing with MellowHype?

I’m just playing a couple shows that we did with MellowHype last summer. I went to that show with my wife and her friends, so we were just playing some new music together and it was good to mix other people’s music with my old music. We wanted to mix that up a little bit but at the same time, we didn’t want to take anything away from how strong my songs are.

You had some really interesting lyrics this year — “I don’t know what to do with this love so I’ll just be a drunk whore.” What’s your favorite lyric?

The first song that I wrote about my love. In the song is kind of about me. There is a lot of lyrical wisdom that I’ve been able to learn during the last 12 months while being sober. I love writing about my love life. Sometimes a song is very personal to you. That was one of them this year.

You wrote another song called “The Life and I.” Could you talk about that one?

“The Life and I”

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