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It takes a lot of time to get good at guitar. You just have to keep practicing enough. It’s not a matter of getting better quickly, it’s more of finding a new approach to how you play that works, and a way to incorporate it into your everyday routine. I can think of one time the guitar really helped me out. My friend, Nick, who had been playing in a rock and roll band back when we didn’t have a rock band, helped me get more involved in metal music. He got me into playing guitar by picking me up on how to hold my guitar to make it feel natural to me, and in general helped me learn how to play the guitar the way he wanted it to sound. He even made me learn to take notes.

I was in high school, and I didn’t think I had any more interest in music. There was a time where people were telling me I needed to join a band. They gave me little plastic guitar picks because I wasn’t good enough to play on my own and didn’t want to get in a band. I had to learn how to play the guitar to get the job working. It was great. I got to learn how to play different chords, different melodies, chords around the scale and chords in the middle to really get into the music. It gave me a new perspective on how to play a guitar.

The people who helped me the most was my brother’s band the Black Keys. I just started out listening to them, and started learning about music and playing my own songs for my own band when I wasn’t a part of theirs. Once I was playing with them, I could see how much I liked it. They gave me encouragement and were really good musicians.

I wasn’t going to join them, because I didn’t believe in being a musician. They seemed to know it, and they were willing to help me learn how to play music. Then I was just amazed how I learned. It’s just really easy at that point, and I remember they let me play guitar for about six months. I played a lot of gigs, and after a while they said, “We want you to play and record.”

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I was playing with a bunch of bands; I didn’t really do the things that were cool. I was learning how to play, and learning how to understand music. I’m not really that big of a musician. I have no formal education. I’m a big fan of music, and

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