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The good guitarists who I have met over the years always think the same thing. They think it will take them forever.

I think a lot of these people have no idea what real pain is, and it doesn’t involve any of the usual pain that we might associate with it, either physical or emotional.

A lot of times I hear that pain as if it is a physical pain and that I have no control over it. That just doesn’t happen. You can be a huge rock star and there is no controlling how your body feels. You can think that, but no one can be truly free.

We will never be free. We are controlled by the environment we live in. Our minds are controlled by our expectations. I guess that is the most common belief that a lot of musicians have, which isn’t correct.

You know how that scene in the new Dune where that dune crawler is pulling an ancient stone slab through the sand, like some kind of prehistoric-looking walking stone? The whole sequence is so good, it makes me want to write a script to do it. (The guy who directed that scene, John Hodge, had a small part in Dune.)

But that’s not even close to how far back it goes. I read a book called The Rise and Fall of the Great Empires, which tells the story from antiquity to the present. By the time I finished, at about the 50,000-page mark, the book had become nearly 300 pages long.

In the book, the ancient Sumerians are responsible for much of the ancient Sumerian culture, including some of the first Sumerian writing, and they’re also responsible for some of the best writing of all time–all of us, not just our ancestors. (Actually, some people who have read some of the earliest literary material come up mostly empty handed on their efforts to decipher it.) The ancient Egyptians and even the Greeks had something worth studying in their early writing–the Egyptian alphabet. But this new civilization was the first to create a system of writing that could actually be read by humans. The Sumerians set up a writing system which was far superior to what had before been devised, in all its myriad forms.

It was not exactly a new concept–the first written record to survive was that of the Epic of Gilgamesh, an oral, oral legend which is one page long. A century later, two more epics, the Gilgamesh

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