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Most people think it’s not easy or it can be daunting. We do want to make it as easy as possible for you and your friends to learn to play an instrument and we want everybody who is interested in getting in touch with the world of sound and you are our target audience.

We believe that if you really want to learn to play an instrument, you should start at the beginning; you should pick a key – not a scale – and begin at the first note of the chord and just be learning notes, notes and notes. Don’t pick up a guitar and start playing and just playing and learning notes, but learning the basics – just the right sounds – so that you can use them in the right moment, can use them in your music or can be used by other people. That’s where you start to get into learning.

We don’t believe in the theory stuff. We don’t believe any kind of theory; whether that’s guitar theory or piano theory; violin theory or sax theory, or any theory at all is useless. You should start with the basics.

We want you to stop thinking in theory and start thinking using the basics. That is the key here. Start from the first note of the chord, and that’s your starting point.

If you want to play a chord and you need to play a particular note, or if you want to play some notes and you’re not feeling them, then use your fingers. When you play a note you’re more likely to feel that note using your fingers, so put some effort in.

Do you use guitar software? Do you offer courses to students?

We also try to offer guitar and vocal courses for beginners. For instance, I have a one-month beginner guitar tuition programme, which I give to people who want to learn guitar. You can listen to my courses and learn from me and be able to improve your playing at your own pace.

We offer online courses about every month, on a variety of topics:

• Theory – you should start with chords, scales and fundamental notes of the guitar, which are used throughout the music. And you should learn how to play melodies.

• Advanced stuff – some people go beyond just scales and just start with songs. They also learn how to do everything: solo, rhythm, harmony and harmony; they also learn scales. And so on

• Music theory – learn how to interpret music, and it all goes right and it all works

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