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How can I learn to play blues better? (4 min)

Does the electric guitar exist in other eras than what we associate with it today?

In an age of rapid technological advancement and change, it is easy to overlook an area of music which has existed and thrived for decades. When people speak about “traditional guitar” what they refer to is a particular style of music that we consider very good and which is played by many talented musicians. What many people don’t realize is that “traditional guitar” is just one of many styles of music. In fact, no two musicians will ever sound exactly the same – and it is easy to learn a new musical style.

How to learn to play blues?

Learning blues guitar is a bit like learning a new language. Learning to read a book is often more of a “beginner’s guide” type of process of getting used to writing something that is familiar to you.
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“But, I am a guitarist!” said Jeff, the drummer in a band. “Why would I be interested in studying this?”

Why would anyone want to study the blues?

“Why would anyone want to read this anyway?” asked Paul. “I already know how blues songs sound but it is always fun to learn something new!”

The reason we learn to play a particular type of music is because that is where we feel comfortable in our surroundings and we find that there is something meaningful that we will get out of listening to our fellow musicians.

We often come across new ideas and feel more confident in the direction we are headed. There is a good reason why we choose to pursue new topics of interest, and learning how to play a musical style usually comes as a surprise to us.

A good example of playing blues is from the early days of the American Music Theatre Movement where many improvisers made their own original songs.

The “drummer” in a band like The Turtles will not likely know which guitar he is holding, but he will be able to play the song pretty well. He has to feel good about his own playing which is why he will find a good rhythm. And, this is what is called “drum

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